If Sotogrande is characterized by something, it is for its important golf courses, where important national and international championships have been and continue to be held, such as the Ryder Cup.

But have you ever thought about living next to a golf course ?, in Sotoestates Real Estate we have for rent and for sale various types of homes overlooking the golf courses or a few meters from them.

However, if you have any doubts, we tell you all the advantages of having a home next to the Sotogrande golf courses.

Without a doubt, living next to a golf course is a unique and exclusive experience, in the case of doing it in the golf courses located in Sotogrande it makes this fact more relevant, since they are among the most important in the world: Valderrama, Almenara Golf Club, La Cañada Golf Club, or La Reserva Golf Club are some of the examples.

Spectacular views in an idyllic setting.

The panoramas that you will be able to see will be unmatched, the green of the trees and the grass, together with the views, in some cases to the sea, will be the living picture that you can enjoy every day.

The tranquility is assured.

Golf is not at all a sport where noise has special prominence, as silence and tranquility develop in a natural environment, so living in the vicinity of a golf course will take you away from the hustle, allowing you to take a quiet life.


If Sotogrande itself is already a safe urbanization, the homes that are located around the golf courses have the privilege of having the privacy available to the houses giving the golf courses.

Exclusivity, peace, security and unparalleled environments, these are some of the advantages of having a home next to the golf courses of Sotogrande.

If you want to enjoy all of them in Sotoestates we have a wide variety of homes located next to the various golf courses of the urbanization, for sale and for rent.

Call us or come visit our headquarters, we will be happy to assist you.