In Sotoestates Inmobiliaria we manage the rental of homes in Sotogrande, a service that we provide to our clients to take away unnecessary burdens.

If you own a luxury villa, a semi-detached house or an apartment in Sotogrande and want to rent it, in Sotoestates Inmobiliaria we take care to show it to interested people, always taking into account the premises that our clients ask us to obtain the perfect tenant.

We manage the rental of all types of homes, whether for long term rentals or for vacation rentals.

So, if your intention is to rent your property for short periods, in Sotoestates Inmobiliaria in addition to publishing it in the search engine of our website and offering it to interested people looking to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in Sotogrande, we offer an extra service, the which we call as “Hello and see you next time”.

The “Hello and see you next” service is exclusive to Sotoestates Inmobiliaria, with this we intend that both our landlords and tenants do not have to worry about anything, and can have the peace of mind of being in the hands of great professionals in the real estate sector who will take care of meet the needs of both.

For this service we need the owners to notify us at least 48 hours in advance, from the notice we get down to work to make the tenants’ stay better, how?

House cleaning

Turning on the heating or air conditioning, depending on the time of year

Reception of the tenants, we welcome them and show you the house

Welcome purchase, we acquire the food products they ask for and the personal care they need so that their tenants feel at home

We manage the reservation of rental vehicles

After the tenants’ vacations, we check the state of the house, clean and inform our clients

A quality service and with the professionalism that characterizes the team that makes up Sotoestates Inmobiliaria.